Energy Transition can complete a detailed solar feasibility for your site.

Our team will create a 3D model of your site to illustrate what a new solar system will look like along with expected shading on the new system. We will determine the expected energy output from the proposed system, identify Government incentives available, and clearly outline system costs and energy savings expected.

The detailed financial analysis for your project will include projected financial savings and payback periods for your investment.

We only recommend financially feasible solutions.


Energy Transition’s qualified solar engineers will complete a detailed system design for your solar system.

Our engineers utilise the best 3D solar modelling software available in the market and create solutions that comply with all relevant Australian Standards and meet all recommendations from the Clean Energy Council.

The designs produced will include detailed electrical schematics and optimised orientation, slope and layout.

Components selected for the design will ensure optimal energy production and commercial feasibility for your solar system.

Solar Installation.

Energy Transition provides end-to-end services for your new solar system including procurement of all components and installation of your system.

We can construct solar systems in any environment, and will do so with a safety first mandated approach.

The installation of the solar system will comply with all relevant Australian Standards, and will meet all recommendations from the Clean Energy Council, so you can be rest assured your solar system will stand the test of time.

Energy Transition will install your system safely, on time and within budget – guaranteed.

All installations come with a guaranteed workmanship warranty.

Energy Transition are accredited with the Clean Energy Council.

You can be assured your solar design and installation will meet all Australian Standards,
and will comply with Clean Energy Council design requirements.